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High Levels of Performance create more efficient buildings and saves you money!

More than ever businesses and organization are challenged when it comes to managing energy and operational costs. Small improvements can add up to significant savings over time, this is important because the cost of energy is likely to continue to rise.

Waibel Trane Service Agency provides many offerings that enable you to enjoy your buildings highest level of performance.

Installing new equipment? Maintaining an existing system? Or completely upgrading your infrastructure? Waibel Trane has the expertise to make your building work better.

Trane In-Warranty Support

Waibel Trane Warranty

Commercial HVAC systems represent a significant investment of financial and personnel resources. A good beginning and a strong service provider relationship is the best way to assure you get the most out of this investment.

Trane In-Warranty Support

Make sure your HVAC system investment gets off to the right start with a Trane In-Warranty Support Agreement. It’s the best way to validate proper installation and assure the highest level of performance during that all-important first year of operation. Trane HVAC systems are typically sold with a standard one year, parts-only warranty.

Twelve Months, Five Essential Services To Assure Long Term Performance. The In-Warranty Support Agreement goes above and beyond the standard warranty to provide five critical services:

  1. Post-Installation Inspection: validates that installation and startup were done to factory specifications
  2. Chiller Benchmark Report: Verifies expected systems operating parameters and provides an “as installed” benchmark to track changes in performance in later years.
  3. Periodic Inspections: Uncover chronic operational problems that could impair efficiency and shorten the life of your system.
  4. Chiller Oil Analysis: Analyzes compressor oil samples for the presence of wear metals, acidity, and moisture and provides a detailed report of the current state of the system.
  5. Filter Changes: Schedules to maximize flow and efficiency of systems operation.

Periodic checks in the first year help assure long term performance.

Chiller UpgradesChiller Upgrades

HVAC chiller upgrades keep your chiller system running at maximum efficiency, minimize service calls, eliminate surprises, and control your total cost of operation. Trane HVAC upgrades help make your existing chiller better. Waibel Trane can replace worn parts, adapt chillers to changing operating conditions, or enhance the reliability of the chiller by installing the latest and most reliable products offered.

Adaptive Frequency™ Drive Upgrades

Adaptive frequency drive (AFD) improves HVAC performance by providing safe, efficient inlet guide vane and compressor motor speed control combinations. This HVAC upgrade ensures the most efficient part load operation possible.

Rebuilt HVAC Motor Upgrades

HVAC upgrades can be made to Trane chillers with CenTraVac® Remanufactured Motor rebuilt HVAC motors, which have been tested and proven reliable through a variety of rigorous methods.

EarthWise™ Refrigerant Purge Upgrades

One of the other HVAC upgrades Trane offers is the EarthWise™ Purge, which is designed to remove air and moisture from low-pressure chillers while minimizing refrigerant emissions.

Retrofit Starter Replacement Upgrades

Trane can provide HVAC upgrades with HVAC system parts like Retrofit Starter Replacements, which regulate the current flow to a CenTraVac chiller motor.

Retrofit HVAC Control Upgrades

Trane can make HVAC upgrades by adding HVAC controls like Tracer™ CH531 Retrofit Controls or the newly introduced Tracer AdaptiView™, which optimize chiller performance by allowing the chiller to adapt to changing load conditions.

Engineered Conversion Retrofit Upgrades

HVAC retrofit through Trane’s Engineered Conversion™ Retrofit services is another of the HVAC upgrades Trane offers chiller customers. This retrofit enables Trane to re-engineer your chiller to optimize it for your specific operating conditions.

Service TechnicianService Agreements

Service agreements reinforce the partnership between Waibel Energy Systems and our customers. This assures our customers consistent, ongoing care that improves the energy efficiency of your systems and help prevent downtime. By taking the proactive approach toward system repairs, you can get more life out of the equipment and increase the energy efficiency of your operation, saving an estimated 12-18& of your annual budget.

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Trane R'newal Program

Learn more about Trane's R-newal Services.

vibration analysisVibration Analysis

– Key to Avoiding Expensive HVAC Repairs

Vibration analysis, with proper mechanical inspections, can make the difference between making the same ineffective repairs over and over again, or determining the precise nature of a problem and applying the proper solution once.
-Insert Vibration Photo

Boiler Eddy Current TestingEddy Current Testing

What is Eddy Current Tube Testing?
Eddy Current testing is a means of checking the condition of tubes in the condenser and evaporator sections of a chiller. An electronic probe is inserted in each tube at the end of a tube bundle and pushed through the entire length of the tube. The information fed back from the probe reveals abnormal tube wear or tube defects.

Why is it important to us Eddy Current Analysis?
When a tube fails within a chiller, then water enters the refrigerant side of the chiller. Water will mix with the refrigerant and forms an acid that attacks the internal metal surfaces of the system. This damage can result in a catastrophic issue that can render the unit beyond repair. Eddy Current testing can detect potential failures and allowing time for repairs to be made prior to failure.

How often should tubes be tested?
Generally most manufactured recommend that testing be done in three year intervals, after the first test a testing schedule can be made concerning future testing.

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