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Do you know how much you spend on utilities and Why?
If you do not know the answer,  Then you may need an energy manager to assist.

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A Green Initiative!

Energy Conservation requires focused attention.  With shrinking budgets, less personnel and unfocused improvement caused by reduced resources and funds, you could be missing the opportunities reducing the single most expensive line item outside of personnel expenses.

Waibel Energy Systems is committed to assist your facilities group to identify and implement your energy savings opportunities.

A Bold Statement

Waibel Energy Systems will provide Energy Management Services (EMS) that will focus on developing your energy conservation measures that will provide a return on your EMS development investment.

The Goal

The goal is to create a culture from different perspectives toward a common understanding of the energy usages and demand implications that affect the financial bottom line. Our EMS measurement tools will provide a clear understanding of the impact, awareness and verification of your business practices. This will generate a practical cultural paradigm shift toward life cycle costing with the understanding of the operational elements that energy impacts in your daily operations. The Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) reductions will identify the annualize energy usage savings potential beyond the initial EMS investment. 

No Risk Guarantee

A year end balancing credit can be provided toward future Waibel services if defined measures are not achieved. 

Measurement is Key

The Department Of Energy statistics have shown that a building with energy monitoring will save 10 to 15% on their energy consumption.

Below are just a few of the Measurement reporting tools to identify and maintain energy savings activities.

Energy Savings Kiosk

Low Monthly Fee

Eliminate major upfront expenses with a monthly $1,500.00 fee based on an annual agreement. 

Sample of the Customizable Services

  • EMS monthly review meeting with client team.
  • Development of the measurement matrixes.
  • Conduct energy usage auditing awareness tours.
  • Utility bill contractual element impact awareness.
  • Development of Obsolescence Planning Program.
  • Development of Energy Conservation Measures.
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  • HB 264
  • Energy Star
  • Building Star
  • Obsolescence Plan
  • Energy Audits


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